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How to Spot a Weak Online Poker Player

Spotting the weakest poker player online is one of the keys to being able to start scooping some massive pots, that is if you know how to pull this off successfully. With so many new players joining the online poker sites daily, there is literally an abundance of easy money out there for the taking. If you can spot these easy tells, there is no limit to how high you can stuff your player bankroll.


Here are some of the simple tells the weak players at the online poker tables make on a regular basis.


The weak players at the online poker tables are going to be flashing their hole cards all the time because they have zero self-control. They flash to show you the bluff, to show you they folded a monster, they are dying to tell you all about their play.


The weak players are also going to tell you all about their game too. Just look at the online chat feature and you will see them talking about how many bad beats they had this week, what kind of hands they fold, and how long it has been since they saw a premium starting hand. They are basically giving you a blueprint on how to crush them down the road.


If you are paying close enough attention, the weak players are playing in a pattern too. They bet the same way and with the same hands, they raise the same, and they fold the same way each time.


So now that you know what to look for, start the hunt and take down these weaker players so that you can amass a nice size bankroll and be able to stay in the game longer without having to make deposits all the time to stay ahead. For more info click on poker online terpercaya.